✨🍋 Gives ~~ is the gesture what remains 🌺You in it ~


I still haven’t figured out why – but lately I love lemons, I love their colour and the energy they give off.
Also the contrast of yellow and green
bello !
I love all citrus perfumes, shower gels and anything that smells like lemons.

Also when I was alive in Paris my favourite cake is lemon – crunchy white meringue and sour top.🤗
A paradise with lemons – for that reason alone I include lemons in my garden.

And beautiful lemon tarts on my table !

I accompany my article with this beautiful clip – it is the small details of big hearts that make us remember and feel the love that we are.

Gives cakes, flowers, perfumes, songs love letters ! – because what remains is the gesture, 🌺 You in it ~

Gives !🌺

Gives yourself in an Open Free way and you will receive the other as yourself – and maybe a cake too !

Close your eyes and Gives – don’t be afraid,

Gives and don’t wait,

Gives everything you have – believe me, the heart is unlimited – is there the key 💛



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