The Thinker and I ☀ ~ no more, no less ~

My beautiful unique dress dada86 ~ proof ~ that it is possible to be smart and sexy at the same time.
I don’t like labels, neither smart girls have to be in geek mode all the time, nor attractive girls have to be all dumb.🤔

I dress my soul, and it’s wonderful to wear beautiful long dresses ~ just as it’s wonderful to be Rodin’s thinker.🤔

Now, the creation of this dress was a bit rock and roll. 🤗

I was in my flat in Montreal when a musician friend invited me to a magnificent gala concert, at which point I started to think about what dress I would wear for the occasion, and the truth is that I didn’t have a suitable one.
I went to the shops, and nothing I saw pleased me, nothing ~ nothing at all, either everything was too big or too small, or I didn’t like the colours.🤔
Anyway, I wanted a special dress and they were all the same, I wanted a carmine red velvet dress.

So I went all over the fabric shops in search of the exact colour fabric ~ the one I wanted.

I had to do a lot of walking, but finally I found just the right thing.

Happy with my velvet I went back to my flat, and spread the fabric out on the wooden parquet trying to figure out what to do with it ☀️
I thought and decided that the piece would consist of ~ a single cut and two seams ~ no more, no less.
It was as simple as that ~ the rest to be done by my body.

In my head the dress already existed, but there was no sewing machine in my house, so I called a friend who had one, and ventured to sew it in her flat with her machine, of course.
Once in front of her sewing machine, my friend explained to me how to pass 2 lines, it didn’t seem complicated!
The most important thing was the cutting, so I fearlessly cut the fabric.
My friend got scared and asked me:
Hey, aren’t you afraid, what if the fabric spoils?

  • But now I only have this only fabric – how can I spoil it!
  • It will be perfect! How else will I go to the gala?
    • That’s how this wonderful dress was born ~ one of my favourite dada86 garments.
    • The most interesting thing is that the gala concert was cancelled, due to technical issues – maybe it was a pretext for me to create this beauty☀️

As a universal artist and film director ~ I see the world and express it through my camera, as well as through multiple media, such as painting, writing, architecture ~ in fact ~ I like to dress well.

I love beauty ! So ~

Everything that comes out of my hands and has a visual harmony ~ is part of my creation.☀️

Everything is passion

So, with my beautiful creation ☀ I sat down next to Rodin and said to him ~ think, think, and in your next life may it be will be the beautiful body of Athena that you carve with your chisel ~

He is still thinking that it is a good idea !

While I go with my sculpted soul into the world ~ in life and with passion revealing how beautiful the human body is without artifice.

That’s how behind every dress ~ there is a book and sometimes a whole library.



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