My Blue dress and no ~ stress ☝

My blue dress – it has a very beautiful and short story 🤗

For my birthday 17. 03 in my flat in Havana I had the idea to make a mojito with my feet – like wine – but cocktail.

So I gathered all the necessary ingredients, washed my feet well – and in the absence of a big pond to dance and make wine like in Greek and Roman times – I bought a bucket.

Ha ha – My drink was called – Hey !

So it was, all filmed by the apprentice Alexander, the one who kept the secret of that day. 🌹
My invited friends came, they spent a wonderful evening drinking from the beautiful bucket full of wine, and they were all asking me – !

-Wow how tasty and different this mojito is.
I was laughing my head off, not saying anything – and Alejandro didn’t even talk, we were both drinking mojitos and laughing all the time.

Nobody ever knew the truth, until one day I posted it on my facebook page. 🤗

It’s a good idea and I made my mojito with my clean feet and my beautiful blue dress!

With the same dress, I caught kittens from roofs, made love with my lover, and lived wonderful moments.
This is my dress story – My Blue dress and not stress ☝



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