Inner latitude ✨

The universe is within,
But it is wonderful to look up 👆.

Rescuing my beautiful memories.
From when I used to look at the stars at my art college ~ ISA Havana.🌺
It was great, because you could see the stars above the domes, which looked like mountains of stone.
So you could spend a good time, talking about art with friends, contemplating beauty or making love.
The sky was a witness to everything.✨

And I think it is a beautiful metaphor to express my idea for today ~
How would you be if you knew that someone was watching you from a very high latitude?✨
The truth is that seen from above everything is very beautiful, and you can see much more.

Everything is beautiful, from the forests to the meadows and cities full of lights.

I remember very well my climbs up to the dome of the art institute, although it wasn’t very high, it was high enough to feel the breeze in the air.
Great, you could even sleep there ~ of course without being seen by the teachers 🤗.
In that state you could study the constellations, and see where and why the Big Dipper joined the Little Dipper.

✨Looking at the sky, since I was a child, is an activity that I liked very much, and of course if in high school there were domes ~ even better.
Then there are also beautiful places where you can see the sky, and films from space ~ planetariums. Domes like mine but with the sky inside.
A very nice concept, which brings me back to the first sentence of the article ~ the universe is inside you.
It seems to be fashionable to say that too, but on second thoughts it is true.✨

That universe can be the Imagination ~ a door where all the ideas of an artist fit.
And it is better to have it open, to make works of art rich in philosophical and visual sense.
In the end it is like sitting on a dome ~ and contemplating✨ beauty by looking up ~ you in it.🤗

To know how to contemplate is a high art ~ 👆 indeed many works of art exist because at some point someone even higher than the artist saw it and said :
~ Wonderful!
Perhaps that voice is God ? 🤔

There are many legends that say, that God speaks from silence ~ but in my point of view, God is love, and love manifests itself in many latitudes, through human beings, art, nature, animals ~

So maybe God is always speaking !✨

What happens is that men, who don’t know how to listen, don’t know how to see the invisible ~ maybe they are waiting for a special presentation.
Like ~ Hello I am God, what’s wrong with you today ? 🤗

A note of humour is great.

For if God is everywhere, all that’s left is to sit on a dome ~ make love and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us ~ outward and inward.
With the sertitude that God does speak !
And contemplating is the best way to see, feel and listen.



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