Lucky me 🍀

Born on March 17 – there is a special magic about being born on March 17

First, when you are a baby you are simply catapulted into the world and day – without knowing that this day will be celebrated – throughout your life.
This is how unknown children come into the world, since everyone knows that they are not followed.

There is a special day, where one gives his first cry and says – Here I am!

I was born lucky and on lucky day, it is wonderful that many people are celebrating on the day of my birth – which was monopolized in the past by Saint Patrick.

And it is about him that I am writing today.

Saints are really enlightened people out of their time who act with great kindness and rise above all.
That’s great and that’s love –
Now the story of Saint Patrick, take your beginnings in Christianity – everyone knows that he was one of the first to follow and spread Christianity in the Celtic land of Ireland – which in those distant times was going through a very turbulent time in history.

Through history and theologians you can explore multiple views of how this happened.
Saint Patrick was born into a Christian family of Grande-Bretagne (in Ecosse). At the age of 16, he was taken away by Irish pirates who smuggled him to their island. There, he becomes a farm boy and is in charge of leading the troops to the ports.

The long hours of loneliness bring out in him a sense of urgency. After 6 years of captivity, he succeeds to leave the island and to go to France, where he is ordained prisoner. He was subsequently named a savior by Pope Célestin Ier, who decided to send him back to Ireland in 432.

Through this mission in Ireland, the saint inevitably allies the local chefs and souverains, but also the druids and other dignitaries of the country. Upon his arrival, he was beaten, dismembered and put to death.

La conversion du Roi Aengus — suspense

  • And of course – I invite you to explore more about it …

What interests me in this article are the more everyday questions of cultural traditions related to the 17th of March, and that beautiful day.

And this is where Dionisio – makes his triumphal entry into my article.
Raising a good glass of beer to the glory of Saint Patrick !

Now – why does everything turns green on Saint Patrick ?
Did you know that at the origin of the feast it was blue ?
Indeed – blue was replaced by green in 1798 during the Irish rebellion against the domination of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Throughout the world, people wear green, and carry different symbols of Irish culture, at the time of a day.

Now, what’s a shamrock in this story?
Well, it is very beautiful, to know that the origin is in the holy trinity, the pillar of Christianity and it is beautiful to explain it through a plant – in this case a clover.

Legends tell that in the same place where the cathedral of Dublin is located today, the saint baptized the parishioners with water from a well located in that area. St. Patrick used, according to the story that has survived to the present day, a shamrock to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity. With this plant, the saint showed the central dogma of the Christian religion, which dictates that «the Father is God, the Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God, and yet there are not three gods, but only one God».

Thus in the name of the holy trinity, the trefoil traveled through history, through centuries and centuries, crossing storms and disagreements, unions and feasts – to stay in our time as a symbol of luck – of course if God, his son and the holy spirit himself are with you – you are with them ! – what luck

it’s beautiful !

Another of the symbols of the commemoration are snakes, since according to legend, the saint was able to chase these reptiles away from the island.

This is the brief synopsis of Saint Patrick’s extensive history, which I invite you to explore, because it is very interesting.

For me of course it is a very special day, because I love the moments of communion with the soul, party, smiles and celebrations. So on March 17th I’m walking through streets full of happy people, almost all of whom are on their way to celebrate the holy trinity. It is beautiful to see how this day unites such different beings who share unforgettable moments – without a doubt Saint Patrick left a beautiful legacy of love and union.

And of course the beer that joins the party! Super cool ☘️✨


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