The body is sculpted from the soul – inner beauty firts !🌺

The body is sculpted from the soul – inner beauty firts !


Today my article is not about art and creation – but about the most beautiful creation itself – the human body.

Many artists neglect the state of their body, – not because they don’t care, but because they are connected to the source of Art – they have a somewhat bohemian rhythm, and one looks more at the work than at oneself – this happens a lot when the ego disappears and the artist gives himself completely to his creation.🌺

Now, an artist – is not an actor or an actress, who lives by his image and the care of it.
I mean universal artists, like painters, sculptors, film directors – many who are behind the lights shining and who create the magic – that actors and actresses represent.

So it often happens that one neglects oneself, not because of a lack of self-esteem – but because of the intense creative load and the connection – rush life.
I myself can spend hours writing or painting and forget about the world – when the lightning strikes you – you have to express it. It’s as simple as that.

Now, in this time of pandemic I had to express my lightning in unfavourable situations, because I lived on social food tics – and yet I finished all my pictorial works, my book, my comics, and I continued to advance in my architecture.
Every day I woke up – I made my art, rising above the difficulties and achieving my creative goals.🌺
All this put a great strain on my vital energy, and when I came to see I weighed 42 kilos.

And that’s why today I decided to dedicate my article to the body – after all this space counts as my way of building a wonderful library for blind children and artists – and my body is part of it!
Without body I go nowhere, hihi – then I realised that the best way to cultivate the body – is to cultivate the mind and elevate the soul.🌺
Of course it is possible to cultivate the body in a mechanical, animal way – but I am not interested in that way.
🤔And here a philosophical question arises – what is the purpose of cultivating this beautiful divine creation we call the body?
Beauty ? Health ? Inferiority complex ?
Desire to please ? For my own pleasure ?

Everyone answers and does according to your level, and will be right at that level.🌺

In my Paradise none of these questions are valid, I am not interested in pleasing anyone, I feel actractive and I don’t even feel a lack of self esteem, I don’t need to exaggerate because I don’t have any health problems, I just had a rough patch and I lost weight, nothing serious.🤗

My question is different, and it is very simple – if every day I can improve something in myself, like a sculptor a sculpture – what we call life – why not work on my body – as a temple of my soul.
To have a healthy body glowing with energy – is like a house with a beautiful foundation and a beautiful view. – That’s how I see it.🌺

I go through the world with my soul inside my temple, and I want both to be in exquisite energetic balance.🌺
That doesn’t mean that I run to the gym, but that I first cultivate my mind and with it my body flourishes.

And this is my own method adapted to my spiritual, physical and financial state.☀
Of course it would be wonderful to take a break in the Maldives, or Hawaii to recuperate a bit – and there I will go on holiday – while today I do with what I have and that is my intelligence and inner peace.

First of all – the most important thing in any exercise – is perseverance and good organisation.🌺
It is possible to do few, but well thought out exercises and not to waste energy on useless things.

🙏 1.Meditation and getting up early 4.30 am – is a good time to clear your mind and start a beautiful day. An hour of morning meditation is great.

  1. 🌺Once the mind is in a good frequency of expansion and channelling of energies – doing the exercises you like is great.
  2. 🌺1 hour daily of physical exercises, each person chooses what he/she wants to develop and just do it.
    I don’t like yoga, I prefer dancing and there are dances which are fun and with which you can make your body blossom – in a relaxed way. 🌺
    You move to the music – so it’s super cool. You also work on your rhythm, and it’s an artistic way of keeping your body in shape.
  3. Then a good shower, and that’s it.
    It’s not complicated.
  4. It’s 6.30 – you meditated and your temple is beautiful.🌺

🤔 Now as far as nutrition is concerned, I chose a simple natual protein method that helps me to gain weight – I eat breakfast.
I also added fruits and of course drink a lot of water.


I like to keep things uncomplicated, simple, fun and not annoying.

So 🌺- just with 14 hours a week, without stress, it is possible to gain weight, and keep the mind out of stress and in high vibrations of peace, love, spiritual growth, and a lot of art.
starting with the greatest creation – the human body – temple of your soul



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