Game – Over – how to know that your time in the lower spheres is over ? –

how to know that your time in the lower spheres is over ?

Many changes happen

First the being becomes invisible, and only radiates before the eyes of those who see beyond.

Why is it invisible?

This does not mean that one is a ghost as in the lower spheres, of the first levels – it means that the algorithm and the vibration of love is so high that only those who are on that communicative level pick it up.

As it is no longer used, no more envy, no more manipulation, no more lying and all those things – it is as if the Self is beyond the reach of all – even loving all.
Being transparent and direct, affects those who like to continue to sleep in illusion – perfect.

Feelings first :

Total relaxation

Also, one can feel a kind of ingratitude from others, but it is not that they are ungrateful – it is that from their level – for them it is ok to be like that – each one has the form of the level they live.

The truth is that from the top, you can see perfectly all spheres, you can feel them and you only remember Dante.

It is a suspended state, between spirit and matter, between God as a Superior and Supreme being and the little man running in circles.

It is very beautiful, and magical to be in that point –


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