Thank you Mother – Thank you Father 🌹 My Passion – Art

My firts paysage – oil

Thank you Mother – Thank you Father 🌹

The difference between travel by elevation and escape.

The concept of escapism, which haunts many beings throughout their lives, is well known – there are many doors of escape:

a physical escape
a psychological escape, such as escaping in food, in ageing, or in losing weight.

an escape in marriage – the worst option

an escape in lower circles

an escape in religion

an escape into goals

an escape into physical exercise

an espace in change and mutilation of the face

The escapes are multiple, and the worst of them is to escape in art – as a universal artist, and to be aware of my physical escape from an enviable situation of my inadequacy – I am interested in this subject.

When you are a child, or an adolescent, you can experience traumas, and from there they spill over, this happens in many families and normally it is a chain that is impossible to break, you have to work a lot on yourself, and not to reproduce this in your children.

I am happy to have had a wonderful family on opposite poles and to be able to contemplate my life in an emotional duality – to which I myself found a solution.⚡😎

Thanks to my mother and my father.

So it is that from separated parents, I fell into an unfavourable space for my development, and it was my father, who recovered me when I was 14 years old – I made a journey from Russia to Cuba.
It was a necessary trip – cause there was no way to cope with the situation I was living in.

Back to Cuba – In my native house, I remember that my Father🌹 sat with me in the great hall of our house, and told me this :

– Well now you are safe, what do you want to study? What do you want to do with your life, what is your passion? Whatever you decide to do, we will support you in it and you will succeed.

I thought, quite a lot, and I said Art, when I didn’t even know how to draw, I was already in a theoretical art school in Moscow, but my great dream was to make sculptures, to paint pictures like Isaak Levitan’s, to create beauty, I wanted to learn to create on the same level, the beauty I saw in the Russian museums, those pictures seemed to me of absolute sublimity.

And of course, Art. I choose – Art

Perfect, said my father, if that is your passion and your desire, go for it.

I had arrived in Cuba just on February 1st for my father’s birthday, and I had only 3 months to learn to draw and enrol in the best art academy in my city.

My father and my aunt took me to the academy, and I immediately made wonderful friends, like Luis Enrique, Eduardo, Hanny, who between the three of them gave me intensive technical drawing classes.⚡
Then, I went to the house of the best landscape painter in Camaguey, Lorenzo Linares and I told him – I want to learn – teach me please.
Lorenzo put all his heart into showing me the best painting techniques he knew.
Without realizing it, my own grandmother called the man who was to become my future Maestro🌹 of art and philosophy at that time.
My aunt Marianela took me to the home of one of the most brilliant writers – Rafael Almanza 🌹 , who was also my Maestro for many years.

I put all my will and entered the art academy, second place for me – the first one was for my best friend Hector, he drew better than me.😲😭 – is true.

That’s how my first steps were, by my own choice and every time I think about my artistic career, I consider myself very lucky, and I remember the dialogue where my father opened the doors of the universe for me, and asked me to think, not to run away. I didn’t have to escape, I had to choose.

Many years passed, I finished my styd and travelled a lot, and always before every action on my journey I thought of my Father’s words – following and expressing my Art as a Higher virtue of my Being.

My Art – as a vision, and not as an escape, thanks to my Father I escaped only once.

Time passed, and destiny made that during the pandemic years later, before my journey I healed the relationship with my mother, who repeated her mother’s destiny.

And the gift of destiny, it was my mother herself who later became aware, and made with me a wonderful collection of dada86 clothes, baked with her golden hands.
For me a work of inestimable value, which we made together.

I sat down and said to my Mother – I travel when I want, I marry when I want, I will not run away like you did, I choose my destiny and nobody moves the ground in my direction.
I choose.

My mother gave me a hug, and all of her years of disrespect were over in one day.

For me it is a great Victory, and that is why today my article is dedicated to both parents, because they are both wonderful, and in their time they did what they could for me.

The rest I understood and chose myself, and I am very happy about it.

I am very happy, that I don’t have to escape in anything, and express my art as a virtue, and not as a therapy.

In that work, an infinite and dedicated work was done by my Maestros of that time – and in the end the path found me – and that path was Me, and to reach my Supreme being and to expand my Art – trust in me.

Now – There are hurricane moments in all this ? – yes!😲

When I was in Madrid, I also experienced some dark moments – it was in those days that James 🌹 came to my reality as if by magic, a single day of lightning.
A wonderful young man from London, relampago and I got to know each other, and we talked a lot about art and cities, like Paris and London, walking around Madrid.
That’s how we arrived with other friends to the Plaza Mayor, and we sat down to discuss philosophy.
I was a bit off that day, and distracted, when James made me travel back in time with a question I will never forget.

– What was the moment when you decided to study art?

I thought remembering the exact day, in front of a painting by Issak Levitan, I must have been about 12 years old, I saw the pins of a wonderful painting, and I thought Wow! ⚡

I immediately smiled, and James kissed me on the forehead – it was a wonderful and pure encounter, very fraternal and completely with the goal that I remembered, the most sublime thing that led me to be where I am today – My Passion.

Wherever you are James, Thanks and a hug.🌹

So, this is what my invitation to all universal artists :

💎 First when you come to yourselves, try to reflect on why you do what you do, be it art, engineering, mathematics, philosophy.

And if many have not been lucky enough to have a father like mine.

💎 In solitude – ignoring all the supposed no’s, all the financial situations, or family situations, –

Think in all sincerity and choose what makes your heart beat.
That is the right thing to do.

It is never too late to start, and who knows maybe someone on your path will also appear as if by magic and remind you of the most beautiful thing in your life.

My firts paysage – 💎 Golden

Webcam picture of how I was retouching my landscape from my memory in Paris.


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